Pawla X Balisto 2017
Pictures from the birth and the first 6 days

Pawla gave birth to 9 beautyfull puppies at december 8th 2017 - 2 males and 7 females.
The first 3 puppies was born with a lot of help from me, Pawla had really good contractions, but had a hard time getting the big puppies out. Therefor i decided the rest of the litter to be delivered with cesarean. Pawla was sterilized at the same time, as I do not mean a female, who had first got a caesarean section once, need to be exposed to another pregnancy.


Brith weight:

Red Orange Yellow Light blue Black Beige Light red Blue Green
 605g 590g 570g 550g 590g 635g 595g 560g 575g