The puppies are born December 8th 2017.


You who knew my first dog Bailey would know she was something special ... she fell into everyone's hearts.
Bailey was all amazing and when I lost her after 12½ years of friendship, I thought I would NEVER meet a dog like her again, she was just unique.

But ... meet Pawla ... Pawla has the same inner peace as Bailey had, she has the same amazing expression in her eyes, she has the same amazing mind ... Yes, she even wip her tail in the same way that Bailey did, eat on the same pending way towards the other dogs of the house, and yes, even barking (or rather not running around barking), she is just so simulary to Bailey ...

That's why it makes me even more proud to tell, that we after a break of almost 8 years from the breed, due to the law that bannet the American Bulldog along with 12 other breeds here in Denmark, now are planning our first bullmastiff litter.

Pawla came in heat at the end of September, and have been breed.

For this breding we have chosen a nice Norwegian male, Balisto (Game Keeper's For What It's Worth), a wonderful male who enjoys life with his family on a farm in Norway, he has a great mind, wonderful expression and he is a nice and healthy gentleman.
Met Balisto for the first time when we went to breed Pawla, and he was even better in reality than I had been told. So kind, happy and friendly male, who gave the paw if you stopped petting him. So all through fantastic temperament.

We are really looking forward to december 2017 to welcome the puppies to the world. If you are interested in one of the puppies, you are welcome to contact us to come and visit us, so we can get to know each other, and you see what conditions the puppies will grow up in.